Utilities Overview

The Stark County area is served by large, seasoned companies, which provide all of the basic utilities and services needed by any business.

Well-managed, competitively priced utilities, which are operating with long-term capacity, are a key component to the success of Stark County in attracting new business and industry. The county offers one of the lowest combined utility rate schedules in the state of Ohio.

Situated at the hub of transmissions lines, Stark County provides an ideal location for businesses that rely on electric power. Electric service is provided primarily by Ohio Edison (A FirstEnergy Company) and AEP (American Electric Power), which have ample reserves to accommodate business needs reliably.

Offering ample and dependable gas service to the county is Dominion East Ohio Gas and Columbia Gas of Ohio. Both offer low and high-pressure gas.

Diversity and capacity describe the telecommunications environment in Stark County. AT&T provides state-of-the-art equipment and communications options to the area. Multiple long distance and cellular carriers give businesses a complete range of services from which to choose.

Stark County also offers an abundant supply of water, treated by municipal water treatment facilities which are currently operating at 60-70% of capacity with ample ability to accept new business growth.

Waste treatment is handled efficiently in the area. For sewer and wastewater treatments, most areas of Stark County are served by municipal sewer systems, operating with sufficient excess capacity. For solid waste disposal, the area has multiple landfill sites.


Public Utilities Commission of Ohio—Telephone Consumer Information

Stark County Telephone ILEC Service Areas and Exchanges

phone service coverage

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Gas Utilities

Public Utilities Commission—Natural Gas Consumer Information

gas utilities map

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Electric Utilities

Public Utilities Commission—Electric Consumer Information

Stark County Electric Provider

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Water and Sewer Services

Public Utilities Commission—Water Consumer Information

Stark County - Regulated Water and Wastewater Utilities Map

gas utilities map

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Canal Fulton




North Canton








Waste Water and Sewage Systems:

The majority of wastewater treatment plants are operating with sufficient excess capacity to accommodate further increase in demand. Peak flows have generally been associated with heavy storms.

Waste Water


Canal Fulton






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Private utility: AQUA OHIO