Stark County Profile

Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Ohio metropolitan Statistical Areas mapStark County was established on February 13, 1808 and named in honor of the oldest surviving general of the Revolutionary War, General John Stark. As of 2014, Stark County had an estimated population of 375,736 people and a land area of 576 square miles or 371,193.9 acres. The U.S. Census ranks Stark County as the 7th largest out of 88 counties in Ohio.

The 2014 Ohio County Profiles, prepared by the Office of Research, presents a statistical compendium of selected demographic and economic characteristics associated with business and industry activity, and the amenities and services for Ohio and its 88 counties. This publication provides users with a current statistical overview of Ohio that may be used in business decisions or policy making by business developers, researchers, planners, government leaders, social service agencies as well as the general public. The Official Stark County Profile can be accessed by clicking on the map of Stark County.

stark county profile