VXI Global Plans To Hire 700 Additional Workers VXI Global Solutions has announced plans to hire an additional 700 employees by the end of the year. The call center, located in the former ATT building in downtown Canton, currently employs about 500 workers. Founded in Los Angeles in 1997, Global Solutions now employs over 10,000 people in the U.S., China and the Philippines. It has ten (10) call centers, including locations in Youngtown, California and Texas. VXI has contracted for two new technical support programs for clients; one of the new programs involves technical support related to cell phones. Base pay will be $9 to $10 an hour, although wages vary depending on the services performed for the client. To learn more about the announcement, click on this Canton Repository article. To learn more about VXI Global Solutions, click on www.vxi.com.

Southwest Airlines To Add Two Flights To Chicago From Akron-Canton Airport Air service to Chicago from Akron-Canton Airport will almost double with Southwest Airlines’ announcement that it will add two daily flights to Midway International Airport. Midway is one of the largest airports in the Southwest network. United Air Express currently provides daily flights to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The Southwest service to Midway will tie passengers into the Southwest network with numerous other cities. Southwest earlier had announced direct flights to Denver from Akron-Canton. Southwest, who purchased AirTran Airways in May of last year, announced in a press release on January 20 that Akron-Canton Airport would become a Southwest “station” for the future. To learn more about Akron-Canton’s flights to Chicago, click on this Canton Repository article.

Chesapeake Energy’s Cuts in Production May Benefit Ohio Chesapeake Energy’s decision to cut its production of natural gas and shift its resources toward areas rich in oil and natural gas liquids, could lead to an expanded investment in Ohio’s Utica shale. Pete Kenworthy, manager of media relations for Chesapeake’s Canton, Ohio office, said that Chesapeake’s decision is consistent with its plans to increase activity in Ohio in 2012. He also said that the Utica shale is part of Chesapeake’s national strategy to increase expenditures in liquid-rich plays. Chesapeake announced its natural gas production cuts on January 20, citing decade-low natural gas prices that have made some drilling operations unprofitable. As a result, the company will cut its current daily production by 8 percent. To read more about Chesapeake’s decision to cut natural gas production and how that will benefit eastern Ohio, click on this Canton Repository article.

Stark County in a Virtual Tie with the State and Nation on College Enrollment Figures from the U.S. Census 2010 American Community Survey (ACS) show Stark County in a statistical tie with Ohio and the nation in percent of adults, age 18 and over, enrolled in college. For Stark County, the percentage equates to a record 28,328 persons in 2010. Five years ago, the number stood at 18,408. Stark County also has a smaller gender gap in college enrollment with the percentage of male enrollees higher in Stark County as compared to the state and nation. To learn more about this growth in college enrollment and to learn more about Stark County’s improvements in educational attainment, click on this Stark Education Partnership newsletter.


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