Radial Engine Innovations making push in Canton – Radial Engine Innovations said it has teamed with Mentor-based Fredon Corp. to produce nine prototype radial engines. All have been designed to meet federal regulations for cutting emissions and increasing fuel efficiency, specifically in heavy-duty trucks and large vehicles. The prototypes should be finished before year’s end. READ MORE

Owner: New professional office building 'up to grade,' on schedule – Construction is underway at the site of the new First North Building which is scheduled to open in August, 2017. The 26,000-square-foot, multi-use office facility is being built at First Street and North Avenue NE, directly east of the remodeled AA Hammersmith Insurance Agency office. Interest for occupying the building is growing; the Massillon WestStark Chamber of Commerce is one of two organizations scheduled to move into the building and several others are interested as well. READ MORE

Possible merger GE-Baker Hughes: Some call the deal unprecedented; others see a 'competitive nuisance' – The new GE-controlled Baker Hughes would be the second largest oilfield services company, with revenue projected at $34 billion in 2020. GE Oil & Gas is primarily known as an equipment manufacturer, while Baker Hughes specializes in services and products like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, which is used to free oil and gas from shale rock by pummeling it with water, minerals and chemicals. While admittedly complicated, the marriage of the two will create the first-ever "full-stream" services company, catering to all of the industry's three streams: upstream exploration and production, midstream transportation, and downstream refining and marketing. READ MORE

Stark, Carroll, Columbiana get blessing in combined Route 30 push – The Ohio Department of Transportation has approved a regional agreement allowing Stark, Carroll and Columbiana counties to work together to extend U.S. Route 30. It affirmed a cooperative agreement signed by the counties seeking to extend the four-lane highway between East Canton and Lisbon. The estimated $1.24 billion project consists of 34 miles between Trump Avenue and state Route 11 as well as a 14-mile connector from Route 30 to routes 39/43 in Carroll County. The agreement lasts 30 years or until the project is complete. Local leaders say that access between the area and western Pennsylvania will improve commerce. READ MORE

Cracker Plants to Revitalize Ohio – Cracker plants were the main topic of discussion at the October Utica Summit IV hosted by the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce. Cracker plants take gas and turn it into ethylene which then is used in the polymer industry to create plastics used for products such as medical supplies, wire coating, vehicle parts and more. With the natural gas and oil harvested from the Utica region in eastern Ohio, Ohio has a lot to look forward to. Rather than depending on the Middle East for gas and oil, the U.S. is not only self-sustaining with its supply, but it is on the verge of becoming a major exporter. Six cracker plants are predicted in the Utica region, each generating about $330 million per year in economic activity. READ MORE

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