Canton Lands “Green Jobs” at Former Brownfield Site — Hydrodec unveiled its one-of-a-kind oil reprocessing facility to state and federal officials this past month. The British-based company has created 30 environmentally friendly jobs thanks to this new Australian technology. With a capacity of 8 million gallons per year, the plant will recycle spent transformer oil and convert it into new transformer oil which can be used and reused by utilities across the country with virtually zero emissions. Hydrodec President John Cowan said the breakthrough process can remove PCBs and other organic pollutants. The PCBs are chemically broken down – “demanufactured” in Cowan’s words. Cowan said Hydrodec chose Canton because it is centrally located within 500 miles of the largest utility users in the country and because of its favorable environment for business. Oil comes in by truck and rail and goes into storage tanks. The plant can handle up to 15 semi-tankers (98,500 gallons) or more than four rail tankers (92,000 gallons) per day. The process is highly automated with a central operating room monitoring all functions. Hydrodec has an additional three acres to expand the operation in the Stein Industrial Park. City officials offered Hydrodec a corporate income tax incentive and a grant based on employee income taxes ($439,000 over five years). The State of Ohio will reimburse Canton for building a road to the site and also offered the company a 40% Job Creation Tax Credit for seven years with job training grants as well. To read more about the company opening, click on this Canton Repository article.

Health Card Call Center Locating at Old Republic Building in Massillon — Patent Health will not be occupying the Republic Steel building in Massillon, but a sister company will be. Universal Health Card, LLC, part of the Arthur Middleton Holdings, will take shape at the location. Doug Waikem and Rodney Napier have formed the company which offers a medical savings plan that provides members with discounts on health care needs. About seven years ago, Doug Waikem of Waikem Motors started offering customers a health benefit plan similar to Universal Health Card for customers who didn’t have regular health insurance. The State of Ohio's $2.1 million Job Creation Tax Credit previously given to Patent Health will be applied to Universal Health Card, LLC. In June 2007, Napier Ohio Development bought the former Republic Steel office building and later unveiled a plan to create 500 jobs for the ever expanding Patent Health. To read more about this project, click on the Independent article.

Education Rates Increasing at All Levels in Stark County — Recent figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau, as part of its 2007 “American Community Survey”, show education rates increasing at all levels in Stark County. With a gain of over 4% in bachelor’s degree or higher category since 2000, Stark has substantially narrowed the gap with the State of Ohio average on this important benchmark. The county has also tied the state average on the percentage of residents with associate degrees. To get more details, click on this Stark Education Partnership article.

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