Stark State College Receives $1.7 Million Grant From U.S. Department of Defense The Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center (CERDEC) awarded Stark State College a $1.7 million grant to further advance the commercialization of solid oxide fuel cell technology and to develop a prototype system to reduce fuel consumption. Stark State will work with Lockheed Martin and Technology Management, Inc. to develop and demonstrate fuel cell components that can meet performance requirements for military generator sets or “gensets,” which are major consumers of fuel in the field. Gensets provide warfighters with power for lighting, air conditioning, computers, radios, and other command and control systems. Fuel cells are alternative energy sources that use an efficient, pollution-free, chemical reaction to convert fuel into electricity. John O’Donnell, president of Stark State, had this to say: “This project builds on the existing applied research and development relationship among Lockheed Martin, TMI, and Stark State. This is also another step toward the evolution of fuel cell development in Ohio and the education of a workforce to support job creation.” Stark State has received more than $20 million in grant support for fuel cell education and commercialization efforts and has become a national leader in the development of fuel cell curriculum at the associate and secondary levels. To read more about the DOD grant to Stark State, click here.

Southwest Airlines’ Purchase of AirTran Airways Bodes Well for Akron-Canton Airport With the pending sale of AirTran Airways to Southwest Airlines, it’s difficult to see a downside for Akron–Canton Airport, or the thousands of passengers who fly AirTran out of the airport. Akron–Canton had nearly 69,000 Airtran passengers arrive and depart last month. Southwest currently has flights out of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport which is an hour drive by car from Akron–Canton. There are many factors that should weigh in Akron–Canton’s favor: (1) both airlines are making money, so drastic cost reductions are not needed, (2) Airtran spokesman Christopher White called the Akron–Canton Airport one of its most successful operations and was quoted as saying that “no business is going to walk away from a profitable operation,” (3) there is little duplication between Southwest flights in Cleveland and AirTran routes in Akron–Canton, and (4) Akron–Canton charges AirTran less per passenger than Cleveland Hopkins charges Southwest. Airport officials, area economic development leaders, and Stark County residents have plenty of reasons to be hopeful about the change to come. To read more about the implications of the purchase, click on this Canton Repository article.

Canton Leading Ohio “Big Eight” Urban Districts in Percentage of Students Proficient, or Above, in Math – A new analysis of urban school performance by the Thomas B Fordham Institute shows Canton City Schools with a higher percentage of students at proficient or above in mathematics than any other “Big Eight” Ohio District. In addition to leading the “Big Eight,” Canton’s percentage also exceeds charter schools’ performance within those districts. To learn more about education advances in Stark County, click on this Stark Education Partnership article.


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