Timken Introduces New Product Development at Wind Power Conference Last week, the Timken Company introduced at the 2010 Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition in Dallas what is, for the company, a record number of new product developments for the wind power industry. Timken, the 110-year-old market leader in proprietary alloy steel and power transmission components and systems, is the only company serving the wind energy industry with engineering and manufacturing in both competencies critical to the sustainable performance of wind turbines. Timken produces clean steel from its facilities in Canton, Ohio for its own production and various wind-energy components for other customers. The company also ships product from its facilities in South Carolina, China, Romania and India. Now working with the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers at varying stages of development, Timken is dedicated to serving the wind power industry and has established a supply chain that is unrivaled in the breadth of manufacturing and service locations around the world. To learn more about Timken’s technological innovations, click on the full article.

Stark State Graduates First Group of Biotech Students The first four students to earn an associate degree in biotechnology at Stark State College are already at work. Stark State biotech students are prepared to take on a variety of jobs in chemical labs, academic research, pharmaceutical, quality control and other related disciplines. Two of the graduates spent summers in internship programs and gave seminars on their work. The other two graduates of the inaugural class are also at work, one at a toxicology lab in Ashland and the other is teaching introductory courses in natural science at Stark State, since she holds a degree in chemical engineering. The discipline of biotechnology can be explained as discovering the unique mechanisms living things use to survive and efficiently overcome stressors in their environment, then creating ways to exploit these mechanisms to benefit humankind. In one experiment, the Stark State biotech students were able to stimulate a normal, everyday bacteria to synthesize a biodegradable plastic, and in another produced biodiesel fuel from leftover french fry grease and used it to power up a lawn tractor. To learn more about the biotech program at Stark State and what these graduates experienced, click on this Stark State article.

In Stark, Rolls-Royce Leads Green Parade – The name may be synonymous with British luxury cars, but the company spun off its automotive division a long time ago. These days, Rolls-Royce builds jet engines, marine propulsion, and energy generators, including fuel cells. The world headquarters for fuel cell operations is based on the campus of Stark State College in Stark County. Rolls-Royce is developing a large scale fuel cell for stationary use, and the goal is to produce a device that can generate one megawatt of electricity—enough to power an entire neighborhood. Mark Fleiner, CEO of the fuel cell division, said they are focused on getting the technology right, so that when they do launch a product, it is worthy of the Rolls-Royce name. Mr. Fleiner also praised Stark State’s fuel cell program as a great asset to Ohio. “They’re building an expertise at the curriculum level, kind of a supply chain of people,” he said. To learn more, read Joe Hallett’s article from the Columbus Dispatch, which was picked up in the Canton Repository.

Team NEO Launches International Business Attraction Strategy – Team NEO, Northeast Ohio’s regional economic development organization, launched its proactive international business attraction strategy, which will complement existing regional international business attraction efforts. The Stark Development Board is a founding partner of Team NEO. The strategy was developed in partnership with The Cleveland Foundation, which awarded a $1 million, 2-year grant to Team NEO in December 2009. Team NEO will focus initial efforts on Europe, which remains the largest foreign direct investor into the State of Ohio. Europe is home to many growing advanced energy and biomedical firms that would benefit from expansion into Northeast Ohio. Bernardine R. van Kessel has joined Team NEO as Director of International Business Attraction. Van Kessel joins Team NEO with more than 15 years’ experience in international economic development with a wide range of experience in the public, private, as well as non-profit sectors. To learn more about Team NEO’s international strategy, click on this Cleveland Plus press release.


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