Ohio A Leader In Healthcare and Medical Laboratory Growth ­ The U.S. healthcare industry is now the largest employer among the twenty (20) major U.S. industrial categories. The industry’s growth is accelerating in response to an explosion of research and technology driven opportunities to provide quality medical products and services. BFPC, an Atlanta-based consulting group, analyzed the rapid growth in the Medical and Diagnostic Laboratory sector. Employment increased by 46 percent between 2000 and 2005. Nationwide, jobs in the Medical and Diagnostic Laboratory sector pay an average of about $52,000 a year (35 percent higher than the national average). Looking at the top five (5) states in the country, Ohio is ranked No. 4 and is the only non-sunbelt state among the top five. BFPC believes that Ohio’s ranking reflects an especially effective technology-oriented economic development effort. Ohio has lost traditional industrial plants, but the Ohio leadership recognized that the state had the resources to excel in another discipline. Ohio’s Third Frontier Program, which is a $1.6 billion effort to promote advanced technology, has spun off related activity in the medical and healthcare sectors. BFPC also ranked states on the growth of Medical and Diagnostic Centers in relation to the growth of their population. Ohio again ranked in the top five states nationally (only state to achieve the top five in both rankings). To read the entire article, please click here.

State of Ohio Awards Stark County Collaboration ­ Over a decade ago, based on an idea from W.R. Timken Jr., the education and business communities collaborated on a program called SAMM (Science and Math on the Move). SAMM is a highly mobile common inventory of high tech science and math equipment that can be delivered to any of the county’s high schools as needed. The program has been supported by the 17 school districts, five colleges, seven Stark County foundations, and the Canton Joint Engineering Council. This past month the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subcommittee of the Ohio Partnership for Continued Learning (State P-16 Council) announced that Stark was the recipient of a grant under the K-8 STEM Program of Excellence established by the Ohio Legislature. The grant furthers development of a core curriculum in math and science for grades 3-5 in all 69 elementary schools in Stark County. Also the grant will support a new interdisciplinary program, Engineering is Elementary (EiE), developed by the Museum of Science in Boston. Our proven track record of collaboration between the education and business communities was instrumental in being awarded this grant. To read more about the program, click on the article from the Stark Education Partnership.

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